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Rapid drying for advanced water damage restoration

We serve in locations throughout North West London, South West London, Surrey and the rest of the Home Counties.

Get the best flood restoration treatment for your property

Heavy rain and plumbing system breakdowns are some of the nuisances that lead to property flooding. While traditional drying can help you get most of the water removed, it takes an advanced drying technique to completely remove trapped excess moisture from floors, walls and ceilings. We use a combination of both to provide efficient and reliable drying solutions.  

Contact the team at Building Repair Specialists Ltd in Slough, Berkshire on 0800 046 1336 or email us at info@buildingrepairspecialists.co.uk for domestic and commercial flood damage solutions. Further, we can help you with property claims and insurance management.
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Water removal service

Accelerate water removal

We use turbine technology to removed trapped moisture from within floating floors, building interfaces, external wall cavities and other structural elements. Our rapid drying service provides fast and effective restoration so your property can be saved from lasting water damage. The water damage clean-up is cost-effective and it eliminates the need for you to find alternate accommodation.
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How does our rapid drying work?

The drying equipment consists of a desiccant unit and a turbine unit. The desiccant unit absorbs the atmospheric air, removes moisture and produces dry and warm air. This dry and warm air is then moved through a turbine unit under pressure, thus increasing the temperature. The pressurised hot air is then injected into wall, floor and ceiling cavities to evaporate trapped moisture.
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Go for injection drying for a quick, efficient and cost-effective water damage clean-up. Call Building Repair Specialists Ltd on 
0800 046 1336
  Based in Slough, Berkshire, we serve North West London, South West London, Surrey and the rest of the Home Counties.
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